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Homeopathy: intro to the remedy PHOSPHORUS

remedy of the day
very well represented, second after sulphur, next are lyc and calc
light, phosphorescence, ATP
50% of caloric intake go to converting ADP-->ATP
phosphate in bone and membranes
phosphorus is poison, has been used on rodents
industrial workers get necrosis where contact
organphosphate pesticides-->
remedy from red phosphorus, not as toxic as white phosphorus
available as P4 (white) or P8 (red), unstable, will flash, stored in oil
in sparklers
Hahnemann gave special instructions: must add water to milk sugar to grind this stuff
glows even after dilution in homeopathy
very destructive remedy, like arsenicum, so for destructive dz

mucus memb necrosis
bone destrx
liver destrx
retina degeneration, pale conjunctiva
cataract, glaucoma
resp: nasal bone inflam, hard dry coughting
lung consolidates, resp failure
rust colored expectoration
gums ulcerate and bleed
thirst then vomiting after food/water**
hepatitis and jaundice, pale stools, liver failure
renal brown urine, turbid, mb blood
cardiac weak rapid pulse
bleeding problems
ascending paralysis
punctiform hemorrhages which heal and break out again, purpura

pace: usu chronic
oft for dz of penetrating, destructive, organ/tissue/life threatening nature
also for mental: sx are not so destructive in this realm
on periodic table same column as arsenic, antimony bismuth
some similarites with these

desire for company, connection
affectionate, vivacious
may attract energy vampires
might choose to be alone because they get overwhelmed, burned out
gets depleted
weak, emaciation, apathy
no psychic defenses (open)
impressionable, psychic sponge, sympathetic, easily magnetized
dark twilight water alone "the unknown"
anxiety, restlessness
alone island polarity with impressional, sympathetic, psychic sponge

top "fear" remedies: ars, calc, phos, acon
"fear of": ars, phos, calc
mind-impressionable, sensitive (mental impressions, extermal impressions),
mind-sympathetic, magnetized
generals-magnetism amel.
mind-darkness agg, night, twilight agg, fear of deep water (unknown)
mind-fear something will happen
uneasy, insecure, nervous pt
***mind-reassured easily (nice to work with)
Hahnemann from into to proving phos in Chronic Dz: if phos is indicated work on their energy, give them an energy transfer with hands and mind, compassionate heart and earnest desire, (this is unique to this remedy)(most energy sensitive remedy)
mind-company desire, alone agg
mind-fear of being alone
mind-fear of ghosts, suggestible fears, easily frightened, lest he die, dark, deep water
mind-anxiety when alone
mind-consolation amel
mind-delusions of being alone in the world, alone being
open and wanting to connect, remedy often seen in junior high and high school years
influences bones, needed in growth spurts, when stretchmarks, also calc phos
establish contact, warm, friendly, sits in close chair, slides forward, makes eye contact
have circle of friends, suffer when alone
gives thoughtful gifts
sensitive to feelings of others
may not like a crowd or party: too many vibes, too much
may get drunk to "close the psychic pores"
has to leave early; "happy alone on a distant island"
finds 2-3 others to talk wtih in a corner
sympathetic, feels the feelings of others

very popular at beginning of homeopathy
reiki is a modern form

chronic tubercular dz: "weak lungs"
big remedy for PNEUMONIA, also bronchitis
"every cold goes to the chest"
chest-cold, after taking a
cough-cold, after taking a
chest-inflammation, bronch
chest-inflam-lungs left lower
chest-hepatization of lungs
bloody expectoration
doesn't want to lie on injured side (opposite from bry)

stomach, rectum
many stomach sx: phos, nux-v, ars, sulph, puls, lyc
gastritis, ulcer: arse, argn-,phos
***burning pains: sulph, phos, ars, TOP 3***, (merc), cantharis, apis
stomach-thirst extreme, for large quantities, unquenchable
generals-food and drinks_cold drink, cold water- desire
stomach-vomiting-warm, drinks after
***stomach-vomiting-drinking-warm in stomach-as soon as water becomes***"keynote"
A CASE: 1851 hot morning cholera case, emaciated German taylor 11pm taken sick, vomiting and diarrhea with cramps after, rice water discharge ceased during that day, remedy was arsenicum "didn't hold", that evening he kept vomiting and was sinking from exhaustion, prostration, great thirst for large quantities of cold water (arsenicums sips) and felt better until water got warm in stomach then vomit, then drink more cold, etc, gave phos 19M
Generals-food and drinks-ice cream-desire
diarrhea remedies: podophyllum for morning surprise D, aloe has involuntary
rectum-cholera, infantum, morbus cholera
bismuth, arsenicum, veratrum
generals-lying-side on-left-agg (don't like to lie on left side for various reasons)***
merc like to lie on left

generals-hemorrhage, blood bright red
nose-epistaxis, blood bright (yarrow melistotes also)
mouth-bleeding gums easily
chest-hemorrhage of lungs
expectoration blood bright red
stomach-vomiting right blood
female genitalia/sex-metrorrhagia bright red
generals-hemorrhage, blood clotting slowly, blood noncoagulable, won't clot
anemia? phos interferes with iron absorption, phos often used in anemia dt bleeds
(belladonna has big clots, lachasis has stawlike clots)

"What are the individualizing symptoms of this case?"
sharp pain in L chest
big thirst for cold drinks (also in nat mur)
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