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OK, so I read and listen and strive to be informed, but the news just pisses me off at election time. Nobody is talking about what is REALLY going on. There are so many big issues lurking behind the news. Try this:

The National Debt. When are we going to stop spending ourselves into a hole and start living within our means? And how?

Immigration. Congress hasn't been able to agree on anything because the corporate objective is to keep cheap labor. But that goal is unspeakable. Any bill that says kick them out and punish the employers will be blocked for this reason. What they would really like is a bill that says If they are employed then let them become a citizen.

Iraq. What nobody is admitting is that we desperately need and want the oil that is in the Middle East. Did you ever play the game Risk? There are territories and resources and warforces of different sizes and specialties. The object is to conquer the world, and they only way to do that is to capture enough of the important resources that you can outlast everybody else. The strategy behind the actions of our government in the last 6 years has been akin to the game Risk. They can see that the lion's share of remaining oil is in the mideast, and they plan to control it. Of course, the plan to get quite rich in the process. If they weren't so busy getting rich already, we'd have already owned the mideast.

So pulling out of Iraq is contrary to our desire to keep driving our cars. Pulling out of Iraq is opposite of a vote for improving the roads. Which way do we want it? These guys are already a good bit of the way into a strategy of controlling mideast oil, and the strategy is a good one if we want to keep living large.

The Military. Have you seen the statistics about how many young people play video games, and for how many hours? It is an epidemic challenging television. Seeing action in Iraq is like playing a video game. In fact the military uses video games to train recruits. Young men sign up because they are accustomed to fighting. They like it. It's intense and fun. AND they get to be part of a really tight knit band, a tribe if you will. Humans are programmed to be part of a tribe. We evolved that way, and get a primal sense of satisfaction from being part of a small, tight group. I believe a chief part of our collective unease comes from our personal isolation. Our military is a group of young men who have been seduced by video games and the thrall of belonging. They are probably happier than the rest of us who don't have a tribe and a cause. They are dying like pawns.

The sad thing is that instead of fighting for a clear objective, such as *dominate the remaining oil on the planet*, the lads are fighting to make corporations rich. The corporations aren't concerned about securing a fine future for the citizens of the US. The corporations don't care about the long term goal of world domination. They're just milking it.

I want to hear a candidate address THESE issues.


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Oct. 26th, 2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
Believe me, I am thinking about it. I'm a long way from being in the political circles of power... but it is time for somebody to at least RUN who is not spouting some bogus party line. Reframe the discussion to illuminate the underlying issues that are taboo to the existing political structure. I'm getting warmed up. Give me more time.
Nov. 2nd, 2006 02:37 pm (UTC)
YES - these are all excellent issues!! It's all driven by the almighty dollar. If no money is involved, why should the U.S. get into it? Why would we go into Iraq but not help the people in Uganda? Because they have NOTHING worth anything to us.

I agree... you should get into politics. You wouldn't be very popular, but your followers would be REAL people. I'd support you! :-D
Nov. 3rd, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
One vote. How many more would I need? Heh.
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