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Mark Silver Lecture, Heart of Business

very good speaker
long pauses
His story: paramedic, wife with Lyme, knows and understands naturopathy
blogging for Huffington post in business section
spiritual foundation
When you do what you love it flows
wants us to let go of badness association with money
how do you connect with people who need you

His topic:
"The Healing Power of Marketing"
three areas:
1) what it is/how it functions
2) three journeys of marketing and overall function
3) you own authenticity with marketing

malpractice suits higher w/ poor bedside manner
people ache to be cared for, seen, understood, heard, received
marketing is how you put your presence into the world
showing up in the marketplace
attraction is love
love can't be manufactured
love can be shared
love is frightening
marketing's purpose is safety
create enough safety that they can hear the love and feel safe to approach
sick: helpless, vulnerable
communicate empathy, values (he's written articles on this)
to know that we're in the right tribe
create safety by telling stories (about wife, about values)

he's also trained as a Sufi spiritual healer
teacher in his lineage
opening of heart happens when they feel heard, received
marketing delivers listening and empathy, that's part of the healing
choking victims isolate, they don't ask for help
create sense of connection with marketing

book: The Three Journeys of Marketing (sold out, ordering more)
journeys that the client takes
different marketing for each aspect of the journey
wandering in desert of marketplace, thirsty, needing help, runs into your business
they look for tribe, values, do they get me
first journey: initial contact and safety
second journey: opt in, want to know more, be in regular contact
newsletter, blog, email, article every week, give talks
giving generously, sharing information, one way
invite to be on email list
give people space to come to their own conclusions about timing
when do they need help
how quickly do they ask for help
could wait for years
not trying to sell too soon
second journey is connection-->sacred moment of the sale
deepening intimacy
becomes a two way relationship
they want to give you something as well as receiving
they start sending people to you
starting them on their first and second journeys

there is a curse in business: the curse of professionalism
usually assocated with being good at what you do
you can completely be your self
people want your divinity
need human self to make the connection
bring personality and individuality into your marketing
people are too slick, too worried about upsetting someone
be willing to be yourself
some will be turned away
"If you don't like that, that's OK with me".
some will need you who you are
people are dying to connect
get real about who you are

recommends: Seth Godin well known business author
the most unsafe thing you can do is play it safe

face to face communication
if you're in the room and people don't like what you say
they are free to throw a tomato
frustration with broadcast tv, media

the power of a name spoken softly in the street
Manhattan story
it doesn't have to be loud
or hyped
if you really connect
the right people will hear you through the noise
no neon needed

he's inviting us to the second journey: sign up for the email list
solicited feedback and got our info

Q: lack of 2nd journey with NCNM clinics
Q: wants to work with low income population
A: find other to pay, offer self help, teach group class
create info products, record and sell as self study, sell online
multiple income streams
his biz helps people launch small businesses
writing business plan is required for bank loan
hazards of discounting
is it safe to go to a person who is cheap?
safety issue: quality of practitioner
rich more fearful
Q: trademarking logo and name: important?
A: yes if you want a national or international operation
no for just local
anything you write is copyrighted whether you put the circle C on it or not
must have date on it
nobody owns ideas
Q: intellectual property???
Q: risk of being new doc and making mistakes
paramedic biz call it a "clean kill"
A: act in good faith
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