liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Footage from the Pastor's Beating by Border Patrol

I don't know if you watched this testimony of a young pastor who got harassed and beaten by border patrol. They said a dog alerted on his car, and told him he was under arrest. He refused to get out of the car because they wouldn't tell him what he was being arrested for, and he did not believe that the dog had alerted on his car. For the record, there was nothing illegal in the car. This three minute blip below is some footage he shot from inside the car, and then a big of the border patrol footage shot from over head as they are hauling him out of the vehicle. If you're not already following this story, the original report is more informative. This story illustrates how dearly individuals may pay for demanding to be treated according to law, instead of bowing down to police who are operating out of their scope.

Tags: america, arizona, civil disobedience, constitution, homeland security, law, police, police state, rights

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