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The Swine Flu

The timing of this hyped up "outbreak" is a boon to the manufacturers of flu vaccines. Here we have a bad flu that is supposedly going to ravage the world next fall, killing millions. The "threat" has been established in the public mind by the media. Now the authorities and media have all summer to cajole and coerce people to get vaccinated. It couldn't have been better timing for those who stand to benefit from vaccinating the world.

If you are healthy and you routinely accept vaccines as suggested by all public health authorities, you may find it valuable to read more on vaccines. Not everyone needs every vaccine. Because vaccines are often toxic and sometimes dangerous, it is wise to become the informed consumer, and to pick and choose based on the facts and your individual risk factors, rather than letting public agencies decide for you. It is fairly obvious by now that our government is tied to the medico-pharmaceutical industry. So we can assume that the suggestions emanating from government agencies are at the very least biased by those ties.

I don't think everybody needs to get vaccinated against this flu. Not for their own safety, nor for public health. Granted, I am a nameless somebody on the web, so do your own research to see if you agree or disagree with me. Based on my studies so far I would say that if you do not normally get the flu vaccine, and you are generally healthy, don't get any flu vaccines. Even if the government requires it. If the vaccines become mandatory you can claim a religious, philosophical or medical reason, to avoid them. The laws differ by state.

If you decide that you disagree with me, and you are going to get 3 shots, get them at least a month away from each other. Another thing you can do is to detox between shots, focusing your detox on improving your elimination of metals including aluminum and mercury.

Then, optimize your health any way you know how. The basic suggestions I have for preventing the flu are these:
1) eat well, have adequate zinc in your diet and keep your blood sugar low
2) exercise often
3) wash your hands thoroughly and often and be conscious of touching your eyes, nose and mouth 4) optimize your vitamin D levels (a naturopath can help with this)

Then, if you still get the flu, don't panic!! DON'T take fever lowering drugs. A fever is how your body kicks out the invader, If you lower the fever, you lower your ability to survive. Fast during the fever; take clear liquids only, no foods. Seek medical care at any point. NEVER give aspirin to a feverish child. Children can sustain extremely high fevers and even seizures with no lasting ill effects. The best way to lower a fever that is too high (say over 105 though it varies by individual) is by immersion in a tepid bath. If your doctor says to take tylenol or advil, find another doctor. Go to a naturopath or a grandmother who knows how to manage a fever. Learn how and remember for the next time. And don't believe what you hear in the news.

If after reading this you find you have a point of strong disagreement with me, please comment. I am interested in what you know.
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