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Respiratory Herbs and Concepts

calendula good topical for skin wounds
allium for pathogenic intestinal microbes
astragalus for chronic fatigue
milk thistle usu in powder or tincture form, not tea
diascorrea is wild yam (antispasmodic) root best decocted
viburnum (antispasmodic), arctium (alterative), also roots best decocted/tinctured
berberis (alterative)
black radish for acute gallbladder pain relief
celadine very bitter not good tea
osteoporosis formula: equisetum, nettles & gotu kola, Stansbury orders this combo en mass
mint for strep pain



mucilage useful when mucus is lacking, lubrication is needed, inadequate expectoration, complaints are dry or burning, smoker's cough, mucus is stagnant or solidified, more for chronic complaints

drying herbs or thinning herbs needed when mucus is already abundant and expectoration is good, kids tend to be mucusy

mallows, althea, hibiscus, hollyhock
some in licorice, cinnamon


resins are irritating, or rather counter irritating, good expectorants, also antimicrobial, may be good for cough too,

isothionate glycosides ie garlic, horseradish, onions make nose run

phenolics and alkaloids also slightly irritating

volatile oils

use very irritating combo for long term stuck thick mucus or dryness
smokers often get chronic bronchitis

SMOKER formula concept
ginkgo to move oxygen
with mucilage to soften mucus
and sanguinaria or another irritant
or garlic since it's good for heart disease too

PNEUMONIA formula concept
no mucilage
use immune polysaccharides
lomatium antiviral
complexed with counter irritant

saponins are somewhat expectorating
dioscorea, glycyrrhiza, lomation, trifolium, tussilago, verbascum

phenolics are also disinfectants and somewhat irritating
euphorbia, urginea, iris, baptisia, viola odorata

alkaloidal irritants are most powerful
potentially toxic
lobelia very irritating, emetic
emetic mb tx for CF/emphysema plus steam breathing and back tapping
ephedra caffeine like stimulant
tabacum some natives put it on hot coals
aspidosperma querbrachio-blanco
sanguinaria very caustic, use very small amounts, used to burn off warts etc

ligusticum most used anti viral expectorant

listen to lungs
ask about their cough

stimulating for stuckness
chronic smoker want to stimulate blood & air flow
armoracia is horseradish

relaxing for spasms
more bronchodilating
for croup, asthma

lobeline similar to nicotene
for smoking withdrawal, may bind some of same receptors

allium good for gut too
ephedra big gun for acute sx, is stimulating so don't use longterm, grassy w/ hint of sweet
euphrasia drying and anti allergy, green, leafy, bland, grassy, good tea, nourishing, can be used longterm or all spring, watery eyes
hydrastis drying
linum usitatissimum flax seed oil in diet
urtica is nettles
solidago offinalis

excessive mucus use drying herbs: sage, thyme, rosemary also all antibiotic, taste good, safe to use

resp viruses: use lomatium, glycyrrhiza

wheezing and "barking": antispasmodics for pertussis

"plugged" nose/sinus: armoracia (horseradish), allium, cayenne (counter irritant)

want to contract (atonic) or relax (spasming)
stimulate or sedate
cold & damp vs hot and dry tissues
mucilage for tickle, hemming
slippery elm
need to clear mucus, hocking: drying
uncontrollable spasms, hacking: antispasmodic
if cold/damp eliminate sugar

lobelia is stimulant/irritant but also bronchodilator
allergies usu are wet
acutes in kids usu hot
khella for bronchospasm and allergy
ginkgo for allergies

if both dry and cold use counter irritants
sanguinaria only dilute

damp heat
cut dairy

acute wheezing
lobelia, tussilago, anise seed, thyme, mint

bowel & liver health
antioxidant vits
anti allergy herbs euphrasia etc
dietary change
tx for longterm: ginkgo, eleuthero, craetaegus, glycyrrhiza, achillea

tussilago bland
**drosera very valuable for acute spasm, sun dew, venus fly trap needs protein, only need a little, for pertussis, croup, cough, endangered in some parts but grows in Alaska, anti-spasmodic for larynx, pharynx

her formula patented: armoraceia, achillea (alterative, anti-inflam), thymus, euphrasia (anti allergy)

curcuma for liver and antiinflam, in her allergy/hayfever formula


tussilago farfara, colts foot, comes up early in gardens, too easy to grow, mucilaginous, antispasmodic, decreases excessive bronchoirritant by blocking calcium channels of bronchioles, long reputation as cough dispeller, leaves are fuzzy, holds mucilage, flowers precede leaves in Feb/Mar, leaves later, funky stems have little mini-leaves, put flowers in honey and bake low temperature, decant watery honey for cough syrup or mix with lomacium

prunus serotina, cyanophore glycosides, not toxic, quiets hyperexcitable resp muscles

verbascum, extract flowers into oil for OM, some resin, mucilage, soothing lung herb

asclepius tuberosa, no kinder cough medicine for pneumonia, bronchitis, diaphoretic, orange flower

grindelia, gum weed, little yellow flowers with hooks, sticky, black tarry stuff, resin, expectorant, counter irritant

inula helenium, pectoral

sanguinaria canadensis caustic

urginea maritima for CHF, gurgly chest, looks like onion leaf

lobelia inflata pink flower

trifolium red clover resin, tarry medicine when cooked, for cough

eupatorium perfoliatum, used in 1912 flu pandemic, boneset, for bone break fever, viruses that make bones ache, augh!

ephedra, amine alkaloid: ephedrine, not for caffeine sensitive, tincture off market, can buy dry herb, only problematic if cardiac problem, Mormon tea pre-angiosperm

foeniculum vulgare, carminative, relax all hollow tubes, colic and IBS, bronchospasm, herbal inhalers, also good tea

urtica urens, nettles, nourishing, anti-allergy

populus tremuloides, resin, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, cottonwood, tincture in feb

lomatium dissectum from umbel family, all bronchodilators, this one also antiviral, tastes like celery

datura, fast acting bronchodilator, toxic, breathe the smoke for asthma attack

thymus, drying, antispasmodic, bronchitis formulae,

solidago canadense, more as urinary but good for allergies, hayfever, high in quercitin, yellow flower, don't give dry flower to someone who gets hayfever

**she's soliciting donations for caros tribe in peruvian amazon needs summer clothes for children
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