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Open Office and the MSI Wind

Just downloaded open office 3.0 to my new netbook. Amazing that you can get free software online that appears to do everything microsoft office does, only without the BS (or the fattie pricetag). It was recommended to me by a mac user in the vaccine seminar I just took. I like it so far. I like the MSI Wind so far too. I can take notes on it far faster than I can by hand, and keep my eyes on the prof during lectures. Only three gripes so far. 1) The edge of the machine as it sits under the heels of my hands is too sharp--why not shape the machine so it doesn't irritate the hands? and 2) it locked up yesterday and I lost a bunch of work I'd done. Control alt delete didn't work so I had to hit the power button. It's not a good sign in a machine so young. I was only running word and explorer. No more word, soon, because I'm not paying for the key code. I'll probably remove the office 2007 files from the computer, because I don't like it anyway. Too many bells and whistles. Just like my last kayak, which got heavy and lost overall function with the addition bells and whistles...same thing can happen to a computer program. I think. Oh yeah and gripe 3) is that the up arrow is located at the right hand edge of what I think of as the shift key, so often when I go for the right shift key I hit the up arrow and end up typing something funky...which leads to gripe 4) when typing the cursor will jump to a new location if I only bump the mousepad and I don't know how to turn that sensitivity off. Do you?

Still haven't got all my music from the old mac G4 to this machine. I have to install a newer operating system in the mac to get my new CD/DVD burner to work. (It has OS 10.3 and must have 10.4 to be upgradeable.) I have a line on that but am too slammed with school to followup on that right now. Must get back to writing my my male genitalia exam, my physiotherapy case, my botanical medicine case, etc etc etc. G'nite!
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