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Want to Join the NRA? It's FREE!

They're doing a huge membership drive and offering one year free membership! They presume that if we join they can simply count us as being in agreement with all that they have to say in DC....but that might not be the case. I'm not sure I want to join. I don't know exactly what they represent these days. Seems like a lot of people are worried about impending gun control, but I haven't heard anything from the Obama administration that indicates they plan to pursue it. Have you?

Join up right here if you want: https://www.nrahq.org/nrabonus/accept-membership.asp


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May. 4th, 2009 05:50 am (UTC)
Go GOA instead
The Gun Owners of America have never compromised on anything of the 2nd amendment.

The NRA feels there is plenty of room to negotiate. Now give this some thought as to why they are now FREE to join. yeah.

haunt the gun groups particularly armed citizen. Obama uses language to please everyone. thus we only have hints at what he may or may not do beyond campaign rhetoric. the minions are carrying out other duties and lookout for what Napolitano and others may do from previous statements. too many things here to count. it's a repeat of the Clinton admin which is why ammo and guns of all kinds are flying off shelves.

woman who didn't own a gun till Oakland where the cops don't come... even w/ an armed obnoxious drug dealer in the bldg.
May. 12th, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
Guns and Ammo
Most gun advocates assume that gun sales have increased lately because of a possibility of gun control by the Obama administration? But everyone I know is buying guns and ammo and stockpiling food because they are worried about economic collapse causing civil unrest, food riots, marauding gangs of thieves looking for easy money -- the same reason that cabins in Montana have been selling like hotcakes -- people are preparing for civil chaos.

Additionally, the argument that people are stocking up on guns and ammo because they fear gun control makes little sense. Most guns are registered and the government knows exactly where they are. If they want to confiscate them, they can do it easily. So how is buying legal registered guns (the only kind that can really be counted accurately in figures citing increases in sales) supposed to work? When the large tank appears in your driveway and ten paramilitary thugs come to your door and demand your "registered" guns, does anyone really think that they'll be able to use them to protect their constitutional right to own them? I don't think so.

Worries about financial collapse is a much more likely reason that people are stocking up on guns.
May. 12th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC)
Re: Guns and Ammo
Yep. I agree that the primary driving force in many personal gun purchases is the realistic expectation that things are going to get a lot worse. I was surprised to read the other day that the crime rate has been going DOWN. Huh? Why is that? Or do you think the reporting is skewed? Or the chaos just hasn't hit yet---which it certainly has not, but in places it is beginning....

I disagree on the point that the government knows where the guns are and can easily come take them away. There are WAY too many guns out here, and they move around and hide too easily to be confiscatable. Most Americans are not likely to give them up without a fight.

The Europeans look at our gun possession stats with great alarm, because they have mostly been disarmed already. They think we're crazy--and dangerous. And they may be right. It would be tough to disarm so many Americans.
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