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Vaccines: Homeopathy and Nature Cure

first Homeopathic use by Hahnemann for Scarlett fever
Belladonna as prophylactic
but didn't tx all scarlet fever
german fever aconite worked better
remedies tx existing dz states per H

Burnett, Brit late 19th century book Vaccinosis
vaccination induces a disease state on vital force = a vaccinosis
Boenninghausen using thuja for effects of smallpox vaccine
vaccinosis now means something else, not sure what
some say thuja treats all vaccine related vital force disruptions
this is incorrect also

Burnett vocal re: dangers of vaccination
Koch proposed use of germ which he called Tuberculinum
Burnett gets after Koch for giving material doses of TB
vaccilinum is diseased tissue
Koch moved to Egypt after Koch's attack
Shepard writes Homeop in epidemic Dz on nosodes during dz outbreak
success with this tx

Aug 2007 begins mass immunization in Cuba for leptospirosis using
nosode and bach flower remedies for mental distress
2.5 million people immunized with 2 doses 2 weeks apart
oral dose
during hurricane season when expecting outbreak
Cuba has unique and independent medical system
homeopathy much cheaper than vaccines
it's working, leptospirosis incidence way down
will be done annually

homeoprophylaxis vs homeopathic vaccination
prophylaxis involves individual remedies to reduce morbidity
of epidemic and sporadic contagious acutes in short term
rooted in classical homeopathic practice
homeop vaccine = routine combos and series of nosodes
to give long term resistance
relatively contemporary innovation
seems to be ineffective by comments from class and lecture
even homeopaths recommend tetanus vaccine
her notes taken from Will Taylor article

3 approaches to prophylaxis
disease nosode
generic approach
genus epidemicus = similimum
usu in 30C taken twice days 1 & 4

Herscu homeopathy seminar happening this weekend
just came out with recommendations re swine flu current concern
Herscu Homepathic Website for Current Flu Outbreak
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