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Male Genitalia Exam

Male Genitalia and Prostate Exam
Student examiner:
Patient name: Tim Xyz. Age: 52.
Date of exam: 4/25/09

No history of hernias, urinary or sexual malfunction.

On observation the patient has no bulges or scars in the inguinal region, and reports no history of hernias. Three sclerotic lymph node are palpated, bilaterally central in the inguinal chain, and on one the right thigh 5” distal to the pelvis beside the great saphenous vein. Lymph nodes are nontender. No abdominal or direct hernias are noted. The penis is circumcised, midline, and without lesions or sclerosis. A slight midshaft bend to the patient’s right is noted. The urethal meatus is central on the glans and no redness or discharge is noted. The scrotum is nonedematous and without lesions. The testes are WNL and epididymis are nontender. No masses or nodules are noted by palpation or transillumination. The spermatic cord is thicker on the left side but WNL. No inguinal herniation is detected with valsalva.

On observation the anus and perineal region are pink, warm and dry. No hemorrhoids or lesions are noted. On digital rectal exam no rectal abnormalities are noted. The prostate is palpated at 3cm, rubbery and firm with a distinct median sulcus. No nodules or hyperplasia are noted.
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