liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Ignorance, Apathy, Hatred and Fear

The youtube clip below is an interesting assessment of the tea bag events on Keith Olberman's show. Olberman says the lady guest on the show is an expert on the limbic brain. I think there is some truth in what she says, that the core of Republican-Conservatism is racist. Obama is different, strange, OTHER to them. Notice the way the people in the video clip BOO at a speaker who is telling them the obvious truth that they don't want to face. It causes a kind of cognitive dissonance that makes people unpredictable and possibly dangerous. The people I talked to at the tea party events were not particularly well informed, and the ones who say they're afraid of Obama, or who think he's wrong or bad, are clearly not acquainted with the guy in the least. They are parroting something that they have learned somewhere else. Like perhaps on Fox news, or from Rush Limbaugh. My uncle is a dangerous Republican racist. I can say that because he is my uncle. So I know that I am not the only one with an uncle just like that. Yes, interesting clip here. I will probably watch it again.
My Uncle, for real.

Also, on Stockholm Syndrome: it's when hostages feel empathetic toward their captors, and mistake a lack of abuse for kindness. The speaker suggests that many women are in this kind of relationship with their men.
Tags: america, apathy, brain, evolution, family, fear, hate, ignorance, isms, obama, race, republicans, revolution

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