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Swine Flu Alert Center

I've been using medscape to keep abreast of medical news...for a while now. They're good. Anyway, here's the swine flu alert center. I ran across an article that mentioned Medscape as possibly a good stock investment, too.

--state and public health agencies authorized to widen the use of precise diagnostic test
--they want to find out for sure where this flu is and how fast it is spreading!

--FDA's EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) relaxes "restrictions" on 2 antiviral medications
--zanamivir (Relenza) and oseltamivir (Tamiflu)(for age 1 and older)
--Tamiflu is a moneymaker for Dick Cheney
--CDC recommends these two drugs for prevention and treatment of flu
--under the EAU, healthcare providers can administer oseltamivir to patients younger than 1 year and provide alternate dosing to patients aged 1 year and older
--the EAU doesn't changed the age limits for zanamivir, which is a treatment for acutes in those age 7 and over with Sx for less than 2 days, and to prevent flu in anyone 5 or older
--64 cases confirmed by CDC in US
--confirmed cases in: Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Israel, Spain, and Mexico
--travel to Mexico ("epicenter") involved in other infections appearing elsewhere
--nobody has died of it outside Mexico, 152 dead so far there
--symptoms seem to be mild everywhere else
--FDA order also allows volunteer healthcare workers to distribute the drugs
--labelling requirements have been relaxed
--Sunday the Department of Health and Human Services decided to distribute one fourth of its stockpile of oseltamivir and zanamivir to state governments
--FDA order allows the CDC to distribute a new diagnostic test to public health authorities
--test is a reverse-transcriptase polymerase cain reaction panel---PCR is being ordered by the FDA! They're going to do expensive and precise DNA detection of this virus. The government will pay for it, and the pharmaceuticals will get rich off it. Dick's going to make MORE bank and escape before we can put him away. Argh. /rant
--rapid influenza antigen and immunofluorescence can detect the new virus but can't tell between seasonal influena A and swine flu, which is a subtype of A
--I betcha tamilflu and relenza were really good investments too but it's too late to buy now
--naturopathic medicine excels in treating flus
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