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In this clip, a regular citizen explains to a CNN reporter why she came to the tea party to protest. Apparently the CNN reporter had just painted the event as an anti-Obama event, which for some clueless people it was. But it certainly was not for everyone. I'm sorry that the makers of this clip saw fit to call the reporter a "bitch". That is unproductive and does not gain us allies. When everyone can begin to be civilized and still have their say, maybe we will get somewhere.

For the women who tells her truth to the reporter, it is about the government spending money it doesn't have at the expense of her grand children. She points out a sign that says "Republicans suck too", end the Fed. I was happy to see this online because it captures the core of my gripe, and the reason I take an interest in these protests. I believe that we need to take a long hard look at the Federal Reserve and the way that our government keeps printing money to support big business. We need to understand down to our cores what it means to have fiat currency, instead of money that is backed with something of real value.

Our constitution was written by men who had a historical understanding of what happens to a nation when their money becomes "just paper". They did not want us to go down this path, but we have. The salvation of everything we know of as America depends on our reversing this, but a legion of multinational corporations stand in our way. Can we beat them? It is doubtful. We just gave them huge handouts because they are "too big to fail". Future generations of Americans are already in debt because of our failure to stop this mistake.

Both parties have bought into the Federal Reserve and fiat currency, making the policies difficult to revise. This is the reason that we need to either support/develop a viable third party, OR BETTER to take over the failing Republican party and restructure it as a fiscally responsible conservative party (antithetic to the neoconservatives), without the "social conservatism" (pro-religion, xenophobia, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-science). We have a right to be "immoral"! People are welcome to be socially conservative, but those values should not be legislated unless the values are so pervasive as to be unavoidable. Which is anything but the truth.

It's especially irritating to me to hear the Republicans gripe about "liberal activist judges" when in effect, social conservatives have influenced our laws in an unrepresentatively "moral" direction. How can it be that so many laws are passed that the majority of Americans don't agree with? Hmmm? How about a history of congressional activism, or perhaps more to the point, congressional corruption such that corporate lobbyists have more influence on our laws that we the citizens do.

Our constitution says that we should be free to live as we choose, to have the values that we choose, and to espouse any religious or nonreligious belief that we choose. Our government has no business legislating morality. The Republican party has gone far astray in becoming so closely tied to christian fundamentalism. We need a dominant political force that will simultaneously eschew the attempt to make us moral, and espouse the attempt to make our government fiscally responsible without printing money. It's simple, yet it seems light years away.


Apr. 18th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
Lately I've been thinking this country is too big to manage. That we should break up into smaller countries, get rid of the federal government altogether. Let the smaller countries build themselves based on the human and natural resources available.

Things are such a mess.
Apr. 18th, 2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
Awww. Maybe that would help. But the amazing thing is that our Constitution is a really valuable document that was designed to prevent all this. The men who wrote it were students of history, and if we just ran the nation according to their document, we'd have delayed if not avoided this mess. The Constitution was written with the long view, and with a strong understanding of human nature. We have gone wrong in letting our government ignore it. If I were to start another nation, I would try again to use the American Constitution, only strengthen it such that corporations could not gain power by the same route they did this time. Abraham Lincoln is said to have predicted this mess because he saw the flaws in our law early on. ... So I guess all I'm saying is I think it IS possible for humans to have rational government that does not lead to a pit of despair, we just haven't done it yet. The golden age of the American experiment is rapidly drawing to a close.



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