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Altitude Sickness Update

Altitude Sickness Update:
Jacob Schor ND
April 12, 3009
We receive many emails and phone calls from people all over the world as a result of past newsletters posted on our website. I don’t know why but a single newsletter from 2004 on altitude sickness generates more interest than all the rest of them combined. The original article can be found at:

Last week I was contacted by a magazine writer asking questions about this subject and this prompted me to review recent publications on the topic. I discovered that since my last article on natural ways to treat altitude sickness, the published medical literature has remained confusing. In the past several studies suggested Ginkgo extracts might be useful. A recent review of these studies suggests the problem with the contradictory results reported might be due to variability in the products used in the different studies. [1]

Mixtures of various antioxidants (vitamin C, E and lipoic acid) even though they demonstrated benefit in past work, showed little benefit in a more recent (March 2009) and larger study. [2] [3]

A number of studies now suggest low doses of theophylline may help. [4] There has been continual interest in using Viagra to prevent symptoms.[5] [6] [7] Theophylline and Viagra together may be helpful. [8] Such Viagra research thus might lend itself to some entertaining double entendres in advertising copy featuring mountain climbers talking about getting to the top of tall peaks. Viagra works by increasing nitric oxide (NO) in the blood stream

The amino acid l-arginine a precursor to NO is often used to duplicate Viagra effect naturally, yet results using it for altitude sickness have been disappointing. Some studies have shown mild benefit, but others have not and one reports that supplementation with l-arginine causes headache.[9, 10]

High altitude causes memory problems. It is thought this is due to brain neurons self destructing. A few things appear protective against this memory loss and brain damage including acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC)and n-acetyl-cysteine. [11,12] The doses of ALC used in the research were exceedingly high and they may not extrapolate to human use.

There are a few papers using rhodiola and a newer one using milk thistle. A combination of ginkgo, milk thistle and rhodiola might be reasonable to consider.

Though I’m not seeing research yet, I would also consider some combination of L-arginine and pycnogenol, grape seed extracts, curcumin and pomegranate. The later extracts all appear to protect the brain neurons from damage especially due to lack of oxygen.

That’s just a hunch though.

Tried and true homeopathic remedies: homeopathic coca (not sold in the US) and carbo vegetabalis don’t have scientific papers supporting their use but have been used clinically for several centuries. The later homeopathic remedy is easily obtained in health food stores.


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