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Tea Bagging?

I was disappointed to watch Rachel Maddow's Thursday and Friday night shows. Most of what she has to say is astute and witty, a voice of productive discourse. But her report on the upcoming Tax Day Tea Party demonstrations missed the mark. She was having great fun with the fact that "tea bagging" means putting your testicles in someone's mouth. I suppose it could be indicative of the straightness/cultural cluelessness of certain Republicans that they didn't choose to name their event something else. Or perhaps they just never thought someone would make a big dirty joke out of "tea bagging" when it is so beside the point.

Rachel initially portrayed the Republican tea baggers as racist ignoramuses who could not tell you where Obama was born and suspected he wasn't actually the president because he was foreign. She correctly links the tea bag events to Ron Paul. Unfortunately she mocked those who desire to dissolve the Federal Reserve. She clearly had no clue, and I was saddened. We need discussion on this issue, not mockery. There is no doubt that the Republican party is fractured to its core. But there are still good ideas out there.

Does she not grasp what has happened with the banking system in this country, and on this planet? Does she not understand how much the revision of this system would mean for the future of humanity? I guess not. It's not easy to understand. I am only barely beginning to grasp it myself. And I sorely want Rachel Maddow to educate herself about it because she is a person who could really help educate the public.


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Apr. 13th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
It was an unfortunate name choice for the protests.

It is disappointing that our culture has degraded to the point that people will glom onto something so stupid rather than addressing the actual issues at hand.

We live in a very immature society.
Apr. 13th, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yes! I found it interesting that some folks were up in arms that Obama took the time to befriend several leaders in Europe. The complained that he wants to Europeanize America. To me it makes sense to emulate some European choices, because Europe is a mature society. America needs to grow up.
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