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Drawing Blood and My New Laptop

Drew blood from a classmate again today. I keep making the same mistake, that is that I insert the needle into the vein well enough, but then my hand is unsteady and I back it out a little when I should be threading it into the vein. I caught myself today and kept the needle in the vein well enough to get two vials of blood. The classmate who punctured me also got two vials, so it was a success. At the end of this quarter we have a proficiency exam on venipuncture. I always feel quite stressed after doing a blood draw.

I am already behind on my schoolwork. I *should* be studying instead of posting... but... I really NEED to write sometimes, to blow off steam. We're four days into the quarter and I'm about two days behind. I can't seem to do all the reading that is required. I barely keep up with the homework and notes. It's impossible to do it all and eat, sleep, and exercise too. I fully intend to take at least half a day each weekend to recreate. I didn't do it the last two quarters, and my arms are getting seriously flabby.

My new computer came in the mail today. It's an MSI wind. It runs on Microsoft XP, has impressive screen brightness (LED) and battery life too, so they say. It's definitely fast and I like the way that everything toggles on and off using the F keys. The keyboard is typeable, but I'm on Suzanne's laptop right now. A computer at every table. The fully electronic household. I'm downloading Itunes onto the new machine right now, so it is compatible with my ipod. We'll see how the technology meshes.

My last machine was a Mac. I bought the Mac 4.5 years ago after doing some research about the political contributions of all the American computer makers. I decided based on that research and my disgust at the Shrub regime that I would NEVER buy a Dell. The MSI Wind is about as unAmerican as you can get, but for $400 including the extra 1G memory I'm happy with my choice so far. I could buy more than three of these for the price of my G4.

Once I get everything functional on my Wind I'm going to let Suzanne take my G4 apart and try to fix it. It needs a new fan and power supply, not sure what else. Maybe it will work when we're done, maybe not. Either way, I got a lot of satisfying mileage out of that machine. If I had the cash I would have bought another mac. But I don't. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the summer. It's not easy to get jobs in this town these days. I just found out that I have run out of funding for my student work study job. It seems that I covered too many shifts for other students. I have been using that small income for everything, and keeping all student loan moneys in the bank for rent, books, doctors, meds and internet. Those are really all of my expenses. So we shall see how it all works out. I have a plan. I wish the new computer had come with a basic money management program.

I need to get familiar with the Electronic Medical Records software that's out there, and also with whatever is best for small business accounting. A friend of mine told me that the best deal for a new doc is EMR software from Walmart. Ouch. But I guess I have to check it out. I know that Quickbooks is a racket, requiring additional funds every year to keep using it, so I have been putting that purchase off. Still it seems to be the state of the art. Any recommendations are welcome!!
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