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School: Spring Quarter Kickoff

Well here it is, Wednesday of week one in the 6th quarter of my training. You can probably tell I'm back in school; the volume of posts has shrunk and turned nonpolitical once more. I'm back into the study of medicine. I am pleased to report that last quarter I got honors in four classes: my best yet. I'm terrified to report that my debt for this education is up to $81,000. The money barely seems real to me. I'm counting on Obama to keep spending and keep the Fed printing, and cause huge inflation so that my debt shrinks into relativity.

I am psyched to be studying nutrition, finally. I also have lab diagnosis, pathology, clinical physical diagnosis, several labs, diagnostic imaging, homeopathy, neuromuscular therapy and orthopedic synthesis lab and lots more. The information comes fast and furious and I'm just trying to hang on. My goal is to get homework assignments done earlier this time. Just finished the nutrition assignment. Next, homeopathy. There will be lots of medical posts coming soon. Feel free to scroll on by!

I may miss important stuff posted by friends. If there's something you want to be sure I read, please let me know, because I definitely won't be spending as much time on LJ except to do my homework and notes here.
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