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Coffee Reduces Pain of Exercise

--Title: Coffee Lessens the Pain of Exercise, by Livescience staff (who?)
--new study
--coffee appears to reduce the pain of athletic exertion
--what is THAT I ask?
--effect is same whether user is accustomed or not to caffeine intake
--caffeine works on the adenosine neuromodulatory system, involved in pain processing
--University of Illinois
--Robert Motl: researcher, former cyclist, kinesiology & community health prof
--caffeine blocks adenosine
--adenosine is the skeleton of ATP and ADP, important in energy transfer and so in exercise
--group: 25 fit, college aged males
--split into two groups: low to no caffeine, vs 400mg/day users (3-4 cups)
--an hour before each exercise session cycles were given a pill: either 5mg caffeine per kg body weight, or placebo
--exercise testing on stationary bike in lab: initial run to measure individuals max O2 consumption (aerobic power) and then two high-intensity 30 minute exercise sessions
--perception of quadricep muscle pain recorded at regular intervas, also O2 consumption, HR and work rate
--International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, April
--Co-authors: Steven P. Broglio (UIll), Sigurbjorn A. Arngrimsson (Ctr for Sport and Health Sci, Iceland U of Ed)
--next step: study rodents to understand mechanism of caffeine in pain reduction
--another idea to study: effect of caffeine on sports performance
--Motl's other studies: relationship between physical activity and caffeine
--HUH?: "Clearly, if you regularly consume caffeine, you have to have more to have that bigger, mental-energy effect," Motl said. "But the tolerance effect is not ubiquitous across all stimuli. Even brain metabolism doesn't show this tolerance-type effect. That is, with individuals who are habitual users versus non-habitual users, if you give them caffeine and do brain imaging, the activation is identical. It's really interesting why some processes show tolerance and others don't."

Tags: biochemistry, caffeine, coffee, exercise, fitness, pain

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