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The Real News Network

Just discovered The Real News Network. WOW! It's a group of people doing intelligent reporting that is non-corporate and non-partisan. They're offering their reports on youtube for now, and begging for money so that they can get a television slot. I would LOVE to see this kind of news broadcast into homes across the US. I may actually send money. I watched three broadcasts this morning, all on foreign policy, and the best was this one. The main commentator has a thick accent, just get what you can. I was able to comprehend a lot of what he has to say, and it's a real education on the midle east. I will take in more of the Real News Network.

Aside: I just can't get over the fact that we now have a president who is enjoyable to listen to. Though in this clip when he starts talking about how we are going to help them "grow their economy" it gives me chills. In one of the other programs I watched they had a Pulizer prize winner saying that he thinks Obama has the rudiments of a real strategy for the middle east, and that it is a good one. That was reassuring. I still think Obama's pretty darn good, even though I disagree completely with the bailouts.
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