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What are the face, skull and foot changes seen with acromegaly?

--dt pituitary eosinophilic adenoma secreting growth hormone AFTER growth plates have fused

--excessive growth hormone production PRIOR to closure of long bone growth ctrs-->gigantism:

-->back to acromegaly

--facial changes: prominent forehead, thickened tongue

--hands: broad and large, widened shafts, bony protuberances, enlarged distal tufts (spade like), widened joint spaces (dt cartilage overgrowth)

--predisposition to degenerative arthritis, esp of spine and weight bearing jts
--predisposition to carpal tunnel syndrome dt extra bone @ tendon attachments
--feet: heel pds greater than 20mm thick dt soft tissue and spurs

--spine: increased size, hyperostoses, widened disc heights, posterior body scalloping
--skull: sella turcica enlargement (dt pituitary neoplasm), sinus overgrowth (esp frontal), malocclusion, widened mandibular angle (prognathism, jaw goes down not forward)

--sella turcica and frontal sinus here:

Treatment flowchart:
Tags: bones, diagnosis, disability, hormones, imaging, nd2

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