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news update: where to buy your gas

Guess where Citgo gasoline comes from???

Venezuela. Citgo Petroleum is wholly owned by the Venezuelan national oil consortium. Apparently a fair number of Americans are boycotting Citgo to get back at Hugo Chavez for calling our presidente satanic... Is there a Citgo in Flagstaff? I'm buying all my gas there from now on. Citgo says they're committed to "the general public throughout the United States" in addition to a few other interests:

Also, another tidbit that I didn't hear at first: Apparently the United Nations audience gave a "resounding" round of applause to Chavez's remarks about Bush. And people in Harlem cheered... I don't know which people, but I cheered too.

I am fascinated by the heaps of insults piled upon Chavez, even by democrats in this nation. For example, Nancy Pelosi called him a "thug". OK. He's a thug that the U.N. agrees with. And considering how Bush has treated the U.N., they have every reason.

Chavez called a spade a spade, and because that spade happens to be a PRESIDENT of a powerful nation it is not acceptable in "polite" conversation.....but isn't it time that we stopped being so polite and got the thieves and murders out of the Whitehouse? There's all this commentary about how Chavez should have a civilized discourse with Bush--but discourse is impossible because Bush (et al) speaks only doublespeak. Bush will stick to his script because he is not smart enough to take on Chavez. Even if Chavez IS a barbarian thug.
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