liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Jon Stewart deserves a prize!

What an interview! I guess it made some headlines. My goodness Jon really grills the guy (business talk show host I never heard of before), and it is delightful. Someone needs to publicly grill ALL THOSE F&*kers who got rich and walked out in the last year. And start holding them responsible for SOMETHING. Stewart gets this guy by showing video clips that he can't be happy to see aired. Journalism at its best. Oh, I notice in the article that Stewart has won six consecutive Emmies for best variety, comedy or music series. So he already got a prize. Right on.

Oh, HERE'S the LA Times article ABOUT the interview.... they write it up nicely.
Interview date was 3/12, Thursday.
Jim Cramer:
--"Mad Money" guru on CNBC's line-up of financial commentators
--implored investors to stock up on Bear Stearns just it plunged
Tags: bankruptcy, business, corporations, corruption, economics, investing, media, money

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