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I think one of the coolest things about yoga is that it shows you the strengths that you have. People think of it as a way to increase flexibility and strength, concentration and calmness. But my body continues to amaze me. It can do things I had no idea it could do. And at this age, starting this late, with these damages already done. It makes me think back to a time when humans were were we strong then? Could we run? Could we swing in trees from our arms? Part of the way we are built is still better for being quadruped than for sitting in computer chairs. Think of the way our discs compress in our backs. They wouldn't collapse on us and cause such trouble if we were better evolved to walk erect. But there are aspects of our construction that harken back to reptiles, the bones of the spine and the way the deep core muscles attach is just like that of a snake. And we can move like snakes, if we want to. If we're not frozen up yet. If we're willing to relax into what our bodies are naturally designed to do. The mind and spirit will follow. What kind of strength do you think it takes to sit erect (under the bodhi tree in Bodhgaya) for seven days and seven nights? Or was that a flood? Matters not. Seven seconds will do.

Tags: aging, buddha, core, evolution, fitness, meditation, mind, spine, spirit, yoga

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