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Last Sunday I went skiing at Mt Hood Meadows with a friend from choir. It was a lovely evening. Night skiing starts at 3pm and costs $15...and tomorrow is the last time it is going to happen. I was on my tele skis and skied without poles because my backcountry telescoping poles malfunctioned (again). It was a delicious exercise to ski the whole evening without poles. And the sunset was incredibly gorgeous. It had rained on the drive up to the mountain, so we weren't sure we'd ski. But once on the hill we knew we'd done the right thing. As the light turned warm and yellow, the clouds settled into the valleys, and the views were spectacular. The snow conditions were excellent as they just had a big dump a few days was so fine. The company was just perfect too. I am hoping to go again tomorrow but so far have not found anyone who wants to go. I am dependent on someone with a reliable car to do outdoor outings....and it seems to greatly increase the challenge if I can't just go when I want to. I've been contemplating letting the insurance lapse on my truck and learning more about flex cars.

The week at school was torturous. I am not really enjoying this education, I am just getting through it.

Home is better. Don't take anything personally.....seems to be the key.

Now must get down to business. So much homework to do, so many tests and assignments and projects....I can never do enough. It seems to take all I have just to pass, and I am not a person who likes to just barely pass. I want to integrate but I don't have time. So be it. Nose to the grindstone.
Tags: education, nd2, skiing, stress

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