liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,


--SAT 9am security
--homeop hw, video
--SAT pm Tuck & Patti
--SUN 1pm leave for ski
--CPD study
--MON CPD quiz
--sign up for another integration shift, get: gentian-scutellaria, vit B, thryoxine, vit D

--CAL GPA1 9am 4/29

--secur, worked: 2/19, 2/26
--GROC: lecithin, gum, birch sug
--case study book
--APT: Brayuna 503-228-1849
--precept: Cottonwood chiro, Betsy Mitchell 503-234-2080 or Debra Serlin 503-238-3818
--precept: Community chiro
--preceptorship applics:
----can begin spring break Mon 3/30 hours 10-3, Thurs 4/2 10:30-3, longer even wks
--LAB DX project: LABS CHART
--BOT MED cases, formula evals, organoleptics, herb writeup
--do taxes
--student loan applic
--preceptorships--community chiropractic
--get bike running
--update livingwill
--szabat appt
--cheaper place to live
--nd homeop as option effort: website, nabne, cnme, code of conduct, curric committee
--advert room 4 rent

--add to amazon list: Tom Hartman, Walking Your Blues Away
--new photos on moodle
--camelbak mouthpc
--poles from Megan
--sculling in spring?
--tent pole repair, Gregory
--call Larry
--zita, massage3826 SE Lafayette Ct, blue duplex
--Cheri, gift
--xmaslet: Jackie & Sandy, Inga & Gunther, Christine, Fritz
--grow flax

--Bill Maher "Real Time with Bill Maher" Fridays 7pm on HBO
--camp at Carter on the Clack
--climb a summit before summer is over
--hike Angel's rest
--UU service sunday 10am, 1211 SW Main
--go camping at Cape Flattery, Shi Shi Beach
--watch Columbo
--watch TAL 2nd season

commuter bike
green sheets
potting soil
echinacea plants
Tags: to do

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