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Spain removes batch of Gardasil HPV Vaccine from shelves

The media is getting more excited about possible vaccine side effects, enough that Katie Couric did a two minute spot about it (see the Mercola link below). She puts "a human face" on it buy giving 2 second personal stories about a bunch of girls who were paralyzed or otherwise had problems after the vaccine. I find the media angle just as biased as the manufacturer's.

Some of the US media makes it sound as if Spain rejected the vaccine entirely: just one batch was removed. Merck (manufacturer of the vaccine) says (in the Couric spot) that the vaccine has less than the average number of adverse events than other vaccines. The vaccine may well be toxic, and its proponents are certainly more interested in profit than human health.

However, the media fails to take something else into account. I think that human nature is at play in this situation. People tend to attribute negative events immediately after a vaccine to the vaccine, just as we tend to attribute improvements to our condition to a remedy, if one was adminstered. This human tendency to attribute causality is not often considered in modern media reports.

Spain’s health ministry said that Gardasil will continue to be administered but that one batch of the vaccine—batch NH52670—has been recalled. About 76,000 vaccines from the affected batch have already been distributed throughout Spain, but chemists have been instructed to halt sales.

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