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Supreme Court to hear Arguments on 3/5 about Prop 8

The Courage Campaign offers this video to put a face to all the couples who would be automatically divorced if the Supreme Court upholds California's anti-gay proposition 8. The Mormon (LDS) Church was far more involved than they'd like to admit in promoting this law, and they were successful; it passed.

At the Courage Campaign website you can sign a letter indicating your support of allowing gay couples to marry--and stay married. I've had my own issues with the word "marriage", even so, it seems foolish to deny this rite and recognition to loving couples based solely on gender. We need to be encouraging stable committed relationships, for the benefit of society. Because an enlightened society values love. A true Christian (like Jesus, for one) values love.
Tags: california, culture, homosexuality, isms, jesus, law, love, marriage, mormonism, scotus

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