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Herbs: Capsicum (Cayenne)

COMMON NAME: cayenne, red pepper
GENUS & SPECIES: Capsicum var.
FAMILY: Solanaceae
HABITAT: tropical American origin-->India and Africa
VARIETIES: hundreds, all the hot ones are medicinal

--circulatory stimulant, tonic
--counter irritant
--"classic diffusive" in Thomsonian medicine dt diffusion throughout organism, stim where shortage, relax where blockage, bring sys to balance, weakest to strongest: zingiber, zanthoxylum, lobelia inflata, capsicum

PART USED: fruit

--capsaicin (.1-1.5%) a pure stimulant, forceful, long lasting, spreading effect, circ and nerves tonified, increased force of pulse
--carotenoids, capsanthin, capsorubin, carotene, ascorbic acid (.1-.5%), tocopherols
--steroidal saponins (capsicidins) in seeds & root

--capsaicin relieves pain and itching by stimulating release of neurotransmitter (substance P) from C-fiber afferent neurons, leading to their depletion, temporarily stopping transmission of pain signals. Administer 4x daily for 7 days, depletion occurs at 3-10 days, continue applications 3x daily to perpetuate analgesic effect.

--needs stimulation
--low appetite or urination
--phlegmatic disorders, paralysis, stomach atony
--stim internal organs esp when congested, weakened
--congested lungs, renal insufficiency, uterine atony, feeble pulse
--usu for circulation stimulant
--director or activator in formulas
--cardiac stimulant, stim digestion, veins, hemorrhoids, migrains
--counter irritant
--warming liniment
--pain relief for muscles & joints

--for pts of lax fiber and flabby muscle who don't exercise and eat wrong food
--red face that is cold to touch
--gasps for breath, can't catch breath
--worse from drafts, cold air, water, uncovering, damp, bathing, drinking, eating
--better from continued motion and exercise
--these sx describe a pt w/ poor circulation
Tags: cooking, herbs, homeopathy, medicine, monograph, spices

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