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Best Cancer Treatments of 2008

The latest estimates show that by 2030, 26.4 million people a year may be diagnosed with cancer, with 17 million people dying from it. Mercola has a post today about the top advances in treating cancer. First he gives the list of the top 12 advances of 2008 according to Web MD. He points out that Web MD now has a "partnership" with the FDA. He points out that 10 of the top 12 are drugs: Web MD supports the FDA which supports the pharmaceutical corporations. And then Mercola lists what he sees as the top three advances in cancer treatment, which I think are worth noting:
1) optimizing vitamin D levels
2) optimizing insulin levels
3) thermography for early detection of breast cancer
Tags: breast, cancer, diagnosis, fda, insulin, mercola, pharmaceuticals, vit d


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