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Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACD = anemia of chronic disease
ALL = acute lymphocytic leukemia
ALP = alkaline phosphatase (liver enzyme)
AML = acute myelogenous leukemia
ASA = acetylsalycylic acid (aspirin)
AUB = abnormal uterine bleeding
AVM = ateriovenous malformation (in HHT)
AVN = avascular necrosis

BM = bone marrow
BUN = blood urea nitrogen
BX = biopsy

CA = cancer
CAD = coronary artery dz
CIN = 1-3, dysplasia
CIS = cancer in situ
CLL = chronic lympocytic anemia
CML = chronic myelogenous anemia
CMV = cytomegalovirus
CT = computed tomography
CXR = chest x-ray

DES = diethy siblestrone (1950's birth control-->cancer)
DEXA = dual energy x-ray absorbtiometry (measure bone mineral density)
DIC = disseminated intravascular coagulation
DOE = dyspnea on exertion
DUB = dysfunctional uterine bleeding
DVT = deep vein thrombosis

EBV = Epstien Barr virus
ECC = endocervical cell
ELP = electrophoresis
EMB = endometrial biopsy
EPO = erythropoeitin
ESR = sed rate

FAB = French American British
FEP = free erythrocyte protoporphyrin
FOOSH = fall on outstretched hands
FUO = fever of unknown origin

GI = gastrointestinal
GU = genitourinary

HB = hemoglobin
HBS = sickle cell disease
HCG = human chorionic gonadotropin
HCT = hematocrit
HHT = hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
HL = Hodgkin lymphoma
HPV = human papilloma virus
HS = hereditary spherocytosis
HSIL = HPV persistent squamous intral-epithelial lesion = CIN 3
HSP = heat shock protein
HSV = herpes simplex virus
HTN = hypertension
HUS = hemolytic uremic syndrome

IBD/S = irritable bowel disease/syndrome
IDA = iron deficiency anemia
IEL = internal elastic lamina
IF = intrinsic factor
IHD = ischemic heart dz

LAD = lymph adenopathy
LBP = low back pain
LDH = lactose dehydrogenase
LEEP = loop electroexcision prodecure
LSIL = low grade squamous intra-epithelial lesion

MCH = mean cell hemoglobin
MCHCH = mean corpuscular HGB concentration
MCV = mean cell volume
MDS = myelodysplastic syndromes
MI = myocardial infarct, maturation index (pap)
MPD = myeloproliferative disorder
MRA = magnetic resonance arteriogram (no contrast)
MRI = magnetic resonance imaging
MSM = men who have sex with men
MVA = motor vehicle accident

NHL = nonHodgkin lymphoma
NO = nitrous oxide
NRBC = nucleated RBC

OCP = oral contraceptive

PA = pernicious anemia
PAD = peripheral artery disease
PAN = polyarteritis nodosa
PCD = plasma cell dyscrasia
PCR = polymerase chain reaction
PCV = polycythemia vera
PMN = polymorphonuclear leukocyte = granulocyte
PSS = progressive systemic sclerosis
PVD = peripheral vascular disease

RA = rheumatoid arthritis
RDW = RBC distribution width
ROM = range of motion
ROS = reactive oxygen species
RROM = resisted ROM
RSC = Reed Sterline cell (HL)

SBE = subacute bacterial endocarditis
SCFE = slipped capital femoral epiphysis
SCJ = squamocolumnar junction (vermillion border)
SLE = lupus
SMC = smooth muscle cell
SOB = short of breath
SPECT = single photon emission computed tomography
SVC = superior vena cava

TB = tuberculosis
TIBC = total iron binding capacity
TTP = thrombocytic thrombocytopenic purpura

UE = upper extremity

VAS = ?

WNL = within normal limits
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