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Cardiac Acronyms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary

AA = abdominal aorta
ADL = activity of daily living
aortic area = 2nd IS to R of sternum
AR = aortic regurgitation (incompetence of semilunar valve)
AS = aortic stenosis
ASD = atrial septal defect
AV node = 2nd pacemaker transmits signal from SA node to ventricles, or without SA node generates 60 bpm signal, without this signal ventricles beat at 30-40bpm

CAD = coronary artery dz
CBC = complete blood c
CHF = congestive heart failure
CXR = chest x-ray

DDX = differential diagnosis
DOE = dyspnea on exertion

ECG = electrocardiogam
ejection murmur = systolic murmur dt stenosis of open valve, short harsh sound, mb normal
EPO = erythropoeitin?
Erb's point = 3rd I to left of sternum

HR = heart rate
HTP = hypertension

IE = infectious endocarditis
IS = intercostal space
IVC = inferior vena cava

JVD = jugular venous distension

LBBB = left bundle branch block, L bundle of His splits ant and posterior
LOC = level of consciousness, or loss of consciousness
LV = left ventricle
LVH = left ventricle hypertrophy

MI = myocardial infarctio
MVP = mitral valve prolapse

OS = opening snap, oft heard in mitral stenosis in early diastole

PA = pulmonary artery
PDA = patent ductus arteriosus, can cause continuous murmur
PE = physical exam
PND = paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
PP = pulse pressure, systolic - diastolic, wide = over 100, usudt atherosclerosis
PS = pulmonary artery stenosis
PMH = past medical history
PMI = the point on the chest where the impulse of the left ventricle is strongest, @ apex
pulmonic area = 2nd IS to left of sternum
pulsus paradoxus = weakening of pulse duing inspiration, usudt cardiac tamponade, pericarditis, severe asthma, COPD

RBBB = right bundle branch block = bundles of his not conducting, R bundle has 1 fascicle
RCHF = right sided congestive heart failure <--suspect w/ JVD
regurge murmur = systolic murmur dt backflow thru mitra/tricuspid, longer duration sound
RVH = right ventricle hypertrophy

S1 = 1st heart sound, Lubb, sound of mitral & tricuspid valves closing, no backflow into atria
S2 = 2nd heart sound in normal beat, Dupp, sound of aortic and pulmonic valves closing (usu A2 precedes P2), no backflow into ventricles
S3 = ventricular gallop = early diastole heart sound dt noncompliant, dilated ventricle
S4 = atrial gallop = late diastole heart sound dt augmented ventricular filling heard in ischemia, post-MI, and w/ LV systolic dysfx, heard w/ reduced compliance dt aortic stenosis, htn, CAD, cardiomyopathy, mitral regurge, MI
SA node = heart's natural pacemaker, 75bpm
SOB = shortnes of breath
systolic murmurs = ejection or regurg murmurs
SVC = superior vena cava, when obstructed causes JVP

tricuspid area = RV area = lower 1/2 of sternum an parasternal area on right

VSD = ventricular septal defect
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