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Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The other night Suzanne and I went to a local theater for this show. It's a long one, nearly 3 hours, but it's good entertainment. The story is that of a man who is born old and ages young. He meets the love of his life when he is still old and she is very young. He lives an odd life because it is backward. I envied him in that he was taken seriously as a youth because he looked like an older gentleman. How much better our lives might be if we were taken seriously as children, instead of being treated like wild animals or nuisances.

It appears that the main lesson he learned early in life that allowed him to survive being such an oddity is that of keeping his mouth shut. Brad Pitt didn't have a lot of acting to do; mostly he was staring at people and events, absorbing. Cate Blanchett was the female lead, and she was lovely as a ballerina and convincing at all stages.

The movie was quite disturbing to Suzanne. She couldn't seem to get it out of her head. I think that in her mind it could be possible to live backward, but to me it is a pure fantasy. I did enjoy it, and the opportunity to indulge in fantasy...

It turns out the story is based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Tags: aging, entertainment, movies

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