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Nonverbal Communication: Worried Frown in Assorted Politicos

I keep noticing these frowns in the news. When the lips are turned in just a little bit, the person is only moderately bothered. When a person's lips are stretched wide and folded inward until you can't see the lips at all, they are extremely troubled and insecure. This tight grimace with no lip visible and the edges turned down is the ultimate sign of disgrace. These facial expressions are universal because they are controlled by the limbic system. Monkeys make the same faces for the same reasons.

note: too bad the pix don't stay up, huh? I just deleted some image links that were defunct but more will become so over time. June 2010

And here are more insecure lip configurations:
Very bothered:

Acting like he's OK with roasting:

Moderately bothered:

Notably, I could not find any images of Palin looking insecure at all. Mostly she appears relaxed and sure. Notice that in this image she is "steepling" her hands, which is a gesture of strength and confidence:

This frown shows confidence with displeasure; lips not turned in, rather still full and relaxed.

This is a less secure frown, see how the lips are tightened and trying to disappear.

And finally, just one totally disrespectful and hilarious image for anyone who doesn't like the juxtaposition of photos in this post:
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