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A wee bit more on survival

From the last chapter of Deep Survival, here are the actions of a survivor according to Gonzales:

1) Perceive, believe. By this he means the process of taking in raw data from your surroundings and integrating it, trusting your senses, instead of falling into denial which we know is especially powerful in humans. Be here now.
2) Stay calm. Use humor, fear, anger, etc to help you maintain focus.
3) Think, analyze, plan. It's essential to come up with a plan, but not a grand master plan. Rather the plan that you need is for the next manageable step toward your ultimate goal. The big picture may be too large to view clearly, so just focus on what you can do, and devise a way to do it.
4) Take correct, decisive action. Be bold and cautious.
5) Celebrate your successes. Each time you complete a small task, give yourself full credit.
6) Count your blessings. Be grateful to still be alive.
7) Play, sing, recite poetry or a mantra, count things, keep your mind busy.
8) See the beauty all around you, let it feed you.
9) Believe that you will succeed.
10) Surrender. Let go of your fear of dying. Accept the pain. Accept the discomfort. Be real about where you are.
11) Do whatever is necessary. You may not like it, but if you can do it, and if it might help your plight, do it.
12) Never give up. If one thing doesn't work, try again, or try something different. Let nothing break your spirit.
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