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Disaster Area: Portland in Snow

This morning they declared Multnomah County (the one I'm in, includes most of Portland) to be a federal disaster area. The news report was filled with city officials griping about how the snow had already cost the city $800,000 when the city budget was already strained. I think "disaster" is just a way for local governments to beg more money from the fed.

This morning they said 70,000 people were without electrical power. We have seen more Trimet busses broken down than ever before. The roads are still lumpy with ice, slush and snow heaps, and the drivers are largely clueless. We watched one yahoo in a four wheel drive pickup whip his truck around a corner onto Holgate, only to realize that the chains on the front wheels of his truck will not keep the front wheels in front of the rear ones. The learning curve is very flat for these people who never ever deal with snow. I keep wondering when they'll stop thinking that they can drive like they usually do. Today the grocery store was almost out of eggs. How much of an emergency would it take for most of us to be cold and hungry? How many of us already are?

Meanwhile, at home it is anything but a disaster. Suzanne is going to stay through Christmas, because at this point there's no way she can make it to her family for the holiday. I made wheat-free cookies today with shredded coconut, arrowroot flour, brown sugar and xylitol, almond butter and chocolate chips, and pecans on top. They're goooood, especially with nog. I made up the recipe too. The colorful lights are lit, the fire is warm, the Christmas music played loudly for a long while and I sang and danced to it. No emergency here yet. Word is it may snow some more tonight, and if it does, I'm going skiing in the morning. Merry Christmas one and all!
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