liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles: Freezing Rain

Well now the weather is getting interesting. Some time last night there was some rain that froze when it hit the earth, covering cars, snow, railings and everything with a thin coat of clear slipperiness. The cat hates the cold weather, refuses to go out. She has become quite upset with me, since I am of course responsible for this weather. She peed on both of the bathroom carpets, which became trash. Then she peed on my old sleeping bag, which was out in the closet. I pulled it and washed it, replacing it with a new sleeping bag which did not have so many stinky smells on it. She peed on the NEW sleeping bag. So today we got her some different kitty litter, hoping that she will PLEASE pee in the catbox instead of on carpets and sleeping bags. Kitten has also been tearing up the carpet in this apartment. She is going to cost me dearly if she doesn't cut this out soon. Luckily my order for non-freezing weather should be fulfilled within a couple days. And unfortunately this crusty stuff isn't anywhere near as good for skiing as last nights light and fluffy. Oh well. Situation static, household tense, waiting, watching, wondering what will happen next.
Tags: cats, shakti, weather, winter

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