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The AANP Survey

I don't know if you are in the medical field, or if you have an interest in it, but I am just beginning to attend to the professional organizations that serve my field. I just checked on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (.org) and they have posted online the results to a member survey that they recently conducted. I offered my own decidedly uninformed opinion but to my surprise, my impressions were in line with the majority of the respondents. I guess I am not as out of touch as I might think I am. You can view the survey results for yourself at the link above, or check out my summary and notes
The top reasons for joining the organization are:
1) influencing legislation and regulation
2) promoting public awareness

The most valued benefits of the org:
1) professional development/education
2) up to date info

In the satisfaction portion the surveyors split out the scores of the members and the non-members. The members responses value the org's ability to influence legislation & regulation, and promote public awareness. The NON-members valued these two items more highly than the members:
1) attract competent people
2) define critical competencies

In the valuing roles section of the survey, the member/nonmember split continued to illuminate. The nonmembers valued these items more highly than the members:
1) maintain code of ethics
2) gather and publish data trends
3) conduct research
4) attract competent people
5) define critical competencies
6) awards/recognition for excellence

My interpretation of this is that the nonmembers see the existence of this org as a way to assure that we naturopaths are not quacks and crocks. The nonmembers also substantially valued the online physician referral system more than the members. In the valuing benefits section of the survey, the nonmembers valued the benefits of the organization more than the members in every category. What on earth can this mean? It doesn't inspire me to pay dues.

The employment status of the member/nonmember survey participants were as follows:
60%/70% self employed or solo practice
18%/20% private sector
15%/9% academic
3%/1% unemployed or between jobs (these numbers collected before the economy really cratered)
2%/1% nonprofit

73%/77% female
27%/23% male
34%/48% baby boom generation
65%/52% generation x
1%/0% generation y
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