liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Sean Hannity gets "Misinformer of the Year" Award

He gets the award for perpetrating the most misinformation of any media man, most especially in his efforts to discredit Obama on Fox News.

Hannity's "Stop Obama Express" promoted and embellished a vast array of misleading attacks and false claims about Obama. Along the way, he uncritically adopted and promoted countless Republican talking points and played host to numerous credibility-challenged smear artists who painted Obama as a dangerous radical. When he was not going after Obama, Hannity attacked members of Obama's family, as well as Sen. Hillary Clinton and other progressives, and denied all the while that he had unfairly attacked anyone.

In other news on the bottomside of the media, have you heard that Ann Coulter, the right-wing blonde pit bull, fell and broke her jaw, and had to have it wired shut? Her enemies (count me one) find it hilarious.
Tags: media, obama, republicans

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