liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Transitioning from Shrubbery to Obamary

Nice NYT article here. As the Obama "transition team" (containing a few Clintonites) is working their way through the Whitehouse, preparing for the incoming staff, they are sworn to secrecy. "But few can contain their amazement, chiefly at the sheer increase in the size of the defense and national-security apparatus." Seems like the innards of the Whitehouse has been revamped in the style of a star ship. The Situation Room has secure video connections to US military commanders around the world, putting the "decider" in chief squarely into the military mindset and timeframe. So much for diplomacy, eh? The Department of Homeland Security, the sprawling new department which seems intent upon watching US has mushroomed into something quite large. I am relieved to hear that the new head of that Dept will be Janet Napolitano of Arizona. I liked her as Attorney General of AZ. She was straightforward, realistic, and fearless. Progressives in AZ have hopes that she will go far. Janet pledged to obstruct Shrub's Real ID (national driver's license) program, and now she is in charge of it. If we do end up with a national license and ID, it will be more reasonable because of her.
Tags: arizona, foreign policy, homeland security, military, obama, politics, privacy, shrub, washington dc

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