liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

A Dem on Rebuilding the Republican Party

I like this guy. And I think he's right. He makes the point that Ron Paul, at 72, is never going to be president. He also says what I've been saying, which is.... Now that the GOP is weak and defeated, the opportunity is there for all who espouse the basic tenets of Republicanism to spring into action and recreate the party. The GOP can be a less socially bigoted, more fiscally and intellectually functional political entity. Here it comes.

Here's a link I ran across from another source: . I think this is the status quo repugnicans trying to suck in the internet generation. They may or may not anticipate that if we, the internet generation, begin to participate we may provide a new generation of candidates and ideas that are the foundation of the new Republican platform. And wouldn't it be nice if, as he suggests, both parties espoused a belief in intelligence, competence and peace. Imagine.
Tags: peace, politics, republicans, revolution, ron paul

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