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ORTHO study notes: lumbar, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle exams

Because so many of the tests that we must perform have the names of individuals, instead of names that are descriptive of the procedures, I just went through the list and named them such that I can remind myself the content of the exam by the words that I link together. If you know the tests well enough, the word or two that I have attached to the name may help trigger your memory of the test.

Apley's scratch
Becherew's sitting kick
Bragards SLR foot
Brudzinski's nod
Clarke's trap
Codman's arm drop
Cozen's cycle
Demianoff's density
Ely's cross kick
Fajersztajn's fake
Finkelstein's fist
Froment's snitch
Gaenslen's spread
Harkins-Kennedy flop
Hibbs heel out
Homan's surprise
Kemp's kink
Kernig's sky kick
Kleiger's eversion
Lachmann's push pull 30
Lewin-Gaenslen's side spread
Lindner's limber
MacMurray's meniscus
Mennel's mash
Mill's gorilla
Morton's footshaker
Nachlas' buttkick
Neer's salute
Patrick's jig
Phalen's flop
Piriformis heel in
Reverse Cohen's attagirl
Reverse Mill's sashay
Sicard's SLR toe
Smith-Pedersen's slink
Speed's lift
Thessaly twist
Thomas march
Thompson's frogtoe
Tinel's tap
Turyn's toe only
Valgus knock
Varus bowlegged
Yeoman's haul
Yergason's hitch
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