liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Jury Summons #2 in this life

When will it ever be a good time to be called for jury duty? I just received my first summons in Oregon and am supposed to show up in court on 12/23. Nevermind my plans to travel to AZ for xmas... Does the system accommodate professional level studies? Missing a month of classes would put me a year behind in my program, and 20K$ forward on my debt. Does that constitute an unreasonable burden? Methinks it does. I submitted that I would like to delay my service until this upcoming summer, after boards. Then I would like to be in a jury....though I suspect that I may be too educated and opinionated to be selected. The lawyers seem to reject people who have thoughts in their heads. I am as fair and open-minded a person as any accused could hope to have on their jury. If I were accused of a crime, I would hope for a jury made up of people like me.
Tags: citizenship, jury, tolerance

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