liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Mulling an Essay for a Bookstore Scholarship

If you could only own three books which books would they be and why?

1) a large English language collegiate dictionary so that I can look up anything that comes up in all the books I check out from the library
2) a lab diagnosis book so I could know what all those tests mean for my patients ??
3) an inspirational book...but which one??

Of course this is silly to contemplate because I own many books more than I need....and I love them all.

Here's the scholarship info:

Thanks to this community’s generous support of the scholarship used book program, we will be awarding 5 textbook scholarships worth $250.00 each (for textbook purchases in the bookstore) for winter term.

The background and application for the Vis & Qi Bookstore’s Textbook Scholarship is attached to this email and will also be available starting Monday in the bookstore and on the bookstore’s moodle page. Applications are due the Wednesday after Finals are over, December 17th, 2008.

The 500 word essay question for you to answer is:

“If you could only own three books which books would they be and why?”

The winners will be announced the first day of Winter Term, January 5th, 2009.

The scholarships are available to all enrolled students regardless of financial need or financial aid status.

The scholarships are awarded in bookstore credit toward textbooks, only. There will be no exceptions.
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