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Melamine: the latest ubiquitous toxin

Melamine may be added to more foodstuffs than we know, because it makes them appear "high protein". Remember, this is the toxin that was added to dog food and caused a lot of animals to die of kidney failure. Then it was in baby food. Now they're finding it in eggs, because it's in the chicken feed.

The following symptoms have been observed in infants affected by infant formula laced with high amounts of melamine:

* Unexplained fever arising from urinary tract infections
* Unexplained crying in infants, especially when urinating, possible vomiting
* Small amounts of blood in the urine
* Acute obstructive renal failure
* Pain on urinating, and passage of stones while urinating
* High blood pressure
* Edema
* Pain over the kidneys

It would certainly be wise to visit your physician if your child exhibits any of these symptoms. Melamine “stones” show up on x-rays.
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