liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Why Obama Can't Save Us

I admit, in spite of my admiration for Ron Paul and his ideas on the economy, I had a moment of joy when Obama was elected. At least now we have an intelligent and educated man at the helm, instead of a likeable cowboy druggie. At least now all the marginalized people have encouragement that they may have a voice in our faltering democracy. But the recent "bailout" has been the hugest plunder of our future wealth ever to pass, and Obama is in no position to stop it. The Republicans used to be the party of fiscal conservatism, and the democrats were the social activists. Now that the neocons have turned Republicanism into insane spending radicalism, the Democrats can look fiscally responsible by spending more than they ever have before. Our Treasury is in a bad way, our economic future looks bleak. And even if Obama is smart enough to realize what needs to be done, he is saddled with the Democratic party. He will be unable to make the needed changes. Instead of a cure we have temporary palliation of monetary crisis which will result in the death of the patient.
Tags: currency, democrats, economics, obama

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