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GABA and Glutamate

"Two of the most sig neurotransmission-related proteins are GABA (Gaba Amino Benzoic Acid) and glutamate. GABA binds to the receptor which sedates the nerve. When GABA is bound to its receptor, it allows a channel to open that allows Cl- ions to influx, reducing the nerve's reactivity to incoming signals. Thus GABA is inhibitory.

Glutamate bound to its receptor (NMDA = N-methy-D-aspartate) increases Na+ and Ca++ ions entering the cells, increasing reactivity of the neuron to incoming signals.

Glutamate = excitatory, increases occurence of action potentials
GABA = inhibitory, decreases APs

Ambrose also said that migraine headaches kill neurons, and that the first neurons to die are the inhibitory ones. I'm not sure where she got this info, but am interested in her view of things...
Tags: brain, headache, neurotransmitters

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