liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Clinic Log

I treated two patients today, the first was my regular 50 year old obese lady, and the second was a 32 year old female student who was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes.

The obese lady was complaining of dizziness, of the room spinning kind, and she said it was worse when she shook her head, as to say "no". I finally got a look in her mouth, and she has already lost most of her teeth. The few that were left are broken, rotten and jagged--really dangerous looking. She said she's going to get a partial, and we got to talking about dentures. She finally went in for her colonoscopy and endoscopy, and she doesn't have the results from the doc yet but she said the nurse had said it all looked normal. She was focussed on a word puzzle during the entire treatment.

The 32 year old diabetic was a first year student at NCNM, and her ND has prescribed 2x weekly hydros for 6 weeks to get her system going. She is also completely changing her diet and beginning to exercise daily. I suspect that within two months, if she continues to be compliant, her diabetes will be controlled completely (she's using insulin now), and in six months she may be cured.
Tags: clinic, dental, hydrotherapy, nd2

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