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Our New Place

I'm in my office right now. It's a small room near the door to the apartment, adjacent to a closet which is likely to be our guest bedroom whenever we have a guest. Our new apartment really is at least twice as big as the Crow's Nest. And it is warm. It is the upstairs of a large house, with three of the four corners made into closets. The remaining corner has been made into a kitchen. This office and the main living area are wood paneled. The wood is pleasant and warm. The carpet in the living room is deep green. The bedroom is large. There is a laundry facility in the basement. And best of all, the kitchen has a gas range, and the heat is a gas stove with visible flames and stone for heat retention. There's something wonderful about FIRE in a dark and rainy city. This apartment actually gets and stays warm. That Crow's nest was entirely uninsulated. It was a very chilly place to hang out. We're still in the Brooklyn neighborhood, but we're in a warmer nest, close to the 17 line bus, and on a quieter street. There is no "mom thirty" here, when all the parents arrive to pick up or drop off their babies at the elementary school. We don't miss the desperate moms trying to park, nor the cascades of children on our sidewalk, nor the little man next door who put fish guts in his trash can. So I think the move was worth it. The expenditure is about the same, probably, overall. This rent is $100 more, but utilities and laundry are included.


Nov. 10th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
home sweet...
sounds homey. and warm. a nice distraction in the Rose City.

I was intrigued by your reaction to the Road to Wellville. I didn't think it would piss you off that much. I was kind of hoping for some light entertainment. Suppose I missed the mark on that.

Well, like trying to buy clothes for my significant others, (have to refrain from that. It usually gets me in trouble.) I'll hold off on sending any more movie suggestions for a while.

Hope your weekend went well.

Nov. 10th, 2008 02:19 am (UTC)
Re: home sweet...
Perhaps you don't remember the music in the road to wellville. Or perhaps you have more time on your hands than I do. I found the movie a bit long. It wasn't as bad as you seem to think I thought it was.....but interpret my remarks as you will. Thank you for sending the movie, I'm sure it will be a big hit at some future party populated by oodles of naturopathic medicine students.

As for movie recommendations, I'm still open to them, and it is certainly not the same thing as buying clothes. We're probably going to join netflix this winter.

Weekend went away well....now I need to STUDY!!!



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