liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Night Before the Inevitable Chaos

Well I haven't been posting much has me running. But I have been paying attention to the news, little bit from here and there. I heard McCain claim his impending victory this morning. I saw the Saturday Night Live clip in which Palin inanely jived along with the skit mocking her. I heard that Cheney endorsed McCain, finally. That ought to be the kiss of death, but really this game is not about votes, but about machines and voter manipulation. The winner will be the one who has the best control of the machine of our elections. And frankly, from a Ron Paulian point of view, Obama is not much better than McCain, and on some counts he is worse. Neither candidate is ready to take on the level of change that this country needs. If Obama takes the prize, as by most measures he rightfully should, he is faced with an economy and a planet that are stretched beyond reasonable limits. The winner will be faced with a time period during which Americans still have not admitted publicly that we cannot continue to live at the standard that we think is uniquely ours. The winner faces attempting to make good during a time when everything that Americans have taken for granted is irreversibly unravelling. It is going to be painful. Good thing the feds have got a whole lot of spare enforcers on hand, just in case we should get rowdy after the results are announced, eh? Too bad Canada isn't any better.
Tags: america, economics, elections, mccain, obama, politics, ron paul, the long emergency

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