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Over the weekend Suz and I relocated 4 blocks and my life is now gradually unpacking once again, from boxes. I have a quiz this morning that I have not prepared for but it is OK. Our new place has a gas heater stove and a gas cooking range. Yeay! The cat wants back in.


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Nov. 9th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
new digs...
How is the new housing arrangement? A working form of heat this time? Great.

Well, I know Obama is not your favorite person, but let's see what he does for 4 years. When he was the editor of the Harvard Law review, as I saw in a documentary, he did not bring in all of his liberal buds to fill the slots. He also appointed some of the "other side" of the fence. So, we'll see. If they don't go nuts with this house and senate majority.

Crawling in to my least favorite part of the year. I trudge through Thanksgiving to Christmas. Some where in between there I will be having eye surgery (left inferior oblique recession) on my LEFT eye. This is intended to "straighten" out my eyeballs so they both look at the same object without correction by prism in my glasses, hence, as Barry Edwards used to say, "hey, coke bottles...."

Considering too but not looking forward to going back to school. A masters in nursing education would get me off the floor and hopefully in to an academic calendar. That would be nice. We'll see if I can muster the courage to take on the "life altering" effect of school again.

Hope you and Susanna are doing well and staying warm. Don't forget to drive over to the "dry" side of the mtns. when you get time for some vit. D.

love ya,

Nov. 9th, 2008 05:32 am (UTC)
Re: new digs...
Hi J;

Good to hear from you. We've decided to take up tanning in a booth for regular vitamin D, I'll let you know how it goes after we try it the first time.

Hope your straightened out eyes work well for you! Don't know about more school, you were pretty tired of it. You really want to do more education and get off the floor? Or could you get used to floor nursing??

Obama cannot help it that he is part of the democratic party machine which is unwilling to face the fact that our nation is spending itself into destitution in a time when we should be carefully cutting in order to survive the loss of easy oil....people are high on his election, but they do not realize that he is going to go down in flames when he is unable to do anything about the inevitable. He has a hard row to how. I'm glad he at least has some class. That Shrub guy was really hard to take.

Anyway. Suzanne and I are well. Hope you get past the iggly holiday season without too much trauma.

We finally watched The Road to Wellville. I think I need to be intoxicated to watch that one. It was really irritating by the end. It was good to see the slant on naturopathy, tho.

Good night!
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